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Shampoo Natural Bar

The new Natural Shampoo Bar is made with natural ingredients and paraben free. Works for all hair types, and it is eco-friendly because it can save water and thousands of plastic bottles by reducing the ecological impact. You can use the portable container to take it anywhere.


  1. 01Looks like a soap but it´s shampoo
  2. 01Lasts for up to 60 washes
  3. 01Saves plastic, saves water
  4. 01Reduces ecologic impact
  5. 01Portable and easy to use

Available sizes: Blister 1 piece, blister 2 pieces


1. Rub between hands to create a lather, or directly onto hair

2. Massage into the hair and scalp

3. Rinse and dry hair

4. Place the shampoo bar in a dry surface for longer duration


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