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Refill Window Cleaner

Green Origins

Window Cleaner cleans and shines windows and hard-surfaces, streak free glass and mirrors, indoors and outdoors. Its ultra-concentrated capsule is pre-measured for convenience, just add warm water to fill the reusable bottle. Good to clean: windows, mirrors, glass shower doors, glass top stoves, glass frames and more.

How to use the capsules:

  1. 01Tear the pump/ sprayer
  2. 01Put the refill capsule in an empty bottle
  3. 01Pour 500 ml warm water (max. 50°C)
  4. 01Turn the pump/ sprayer off
  5. 01Wait 30 minutes until the foil dissolves completely

1. Turn off the bottle

2. Put the Refill Capsule in an empty bottle

3. Pour 500 ml warm water

4. Wait 3 min. until the capsule dissolves


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