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Dishwashing Foam Clean & Shine

Green Origins

The new Dishwashing Foam Clean & Shine formula removes the toughest food and grease deposits, leaving the dishes clean and shining. Use their power in concentrated pre-measured capsules easy to use in the automatic dishwasher because the pack dissolves instantly and helps you save time, money and energy.


  1. 01Easy to use, pre-measured capsules
  2. 01Removes food and grease deposits
  3. 01Dissolves instantly
  4. 01Phosphate free
  5. 01Removes tough food
  6. 01Rinse AID formula
  7. 01Grease cleaning power
  8. 01No pre-washing needed

1. Hands must be dry to handle the capsule

2. Do not cut or unwrap

3. Keep container tightly sealed in a dry place

4. Place a pack into dispenser cup of automatic dishwasher and close dispenser door


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